Our Culinary Team

Our Culinary Team is based in Central Pennsylvania who work closely with the local area markets to get the freshest ingredients we can find. It’s all about making it easier for the everyday person, whether they’re too busy, or just don’t like to cook, to be able to eat a good nutritious meal. You don’t have to eat bland food to be healthy! Its deliciously nutritious!

Your Nutritional Expert

Nadia Sharif is the sole creator, owner and operator of TrimLine Weight Loss & Wellness since 2009. TrimLine is NOT part of cookie-cutter “diet”. The company grew, through exceptional service and INDIVIDULAIZED programs based on nutrition, knowledge, and accountability. TrimLine is like no other nutrition or weight loss program, it steps out of the box with gearing the counseling towards behavioral modification; CHANGING our thought process towards food. Nadia states: “We must cut the ties between our emotions (stress, reward or emotional eating) and food. If we don’t change our mind toward food and the power it holds over our emotions, we will always be on a diet, and eventually go back to our old habits.”

Nadia started her own radio show on talk radio WHP580 AM in November of 2014, called The Mytrimline Show with Nadia. It is live every Sunday from 11:00-12:00. This show has helped thousands of people to learn about every aspects of life when it comes to
nutrition, health and wellness. The growth and success of her business is not only due to her vast education and experience, but her deep rooted passion and empathy extending from her own personal battle and struggles with weight loss. Nadia successfully lost 40 lbs over 20 years ago and in additional 12 lbs through menopause!! Over 50 lbs through nutrition and her own proven maintenance program.

The “Go To Girl”

Brittany Penn is the Regional Marketing Director, Event Coordinator, and one of TrimLine’s Wellness Educators. With a Degree in Psychology, 15 years of experience in the food and restaurant industry, and her own personal weight loss and wellness transformation, she is the perfect fit for TrimLine and Tastefully Trim! “Being healthy is much more than just food and exercise, it’s a state of mind. Learning about the mental processes that help and inhibit us in regards to being healthy, and learning how to overcome those ‘self-sabotaging’ thoughts and behaviors, is truly the most impactful way to make a lifestyle change. WHY we are eating is equally important to WHAT we are eating,” says, Brittany.

TrimLine focuses on the “WHY” and Tastefully Trim takes the guesswork out of the “WHAT.”  You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for nutrition, and that is what we are setting out to prove to the world. “We are growing a community of FRIENDS who are all at different milestones on their journey to becoming healthy. We support each other, lift each other up, motivate one another, and most importantly, hold each other accountable. Remember, there is never going to be the perfect time to start focusing on YOU, but you have to start someday, why not make it TODAY?” Says, Brittany. “I’ve lost over 50 lbs. by focusing on myself and my health and it has changed my life! TrimLine and Tastefully Trim can help do that for you too!”