TrimLine is not a fad diet, it is a proven program for over 10 years of success with over 50 local doctors referring their patients to the centers or the online program.

What sets TrimLine apart than any other weight loss & nutrition program:

  • One on one counseling and support to BREAK the psychological tie between food and your emotions. No more emotional or stress eating!
  • No liquid, drops, shots or any other gimmicks
  • No cutting out foods and feeling deprived
  • No counting points, calories or a plan that you will follow for 1 or 2 months and then quit because it does not fit into your lifestyle.

TrimLine is a program that will teach you not only to lose weight and body fat but to change your relationship with food to be healthy for life!

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The Consultation

  • Your first meeting with us – Provide you information and make sure we are good fit
  • Discuss current eating habits; emotional, stress and comfort eating. Review the challenges you deal with on a daily basis to create a personalized program.
  • Set up ongoing accountability in center or online via phone call, FaceTime and/or SKYPE

Advanced Counseling Phase

  • One on one meetings (not group) with 100% focus on YOU! (1-2 times a week)
  • Review food intake each visit, create a meal plan any situation. Plan any social, work, personal or special events. We help you plan every upcoming week
  • The counseling is geared toward changing your relationship with food. The emotional, stress and comfort eating. This is behavioral modification. Change the CORE of the problem – what is in our head!!
  • This advanced counseling teaches maintenance as you are LOSING weight. To BUILD new healthy habits to replace the old bad habits, not to just put a band aid on them but to FIX them for long-term success of keeping the weight off
  • Counseling conducted either face to face in center, by phone or video chat online

Weight Maintenance

  • Biweekly or Monthly Sessions
  • Ongoing accountability to deep root the new habits so the old ones DO NOT return
  • Ongoing education with the focus of you knowing and being able to plan and handle anything life throws at you! For you to be in CONTROL!!
  • Access to your counselor – anytime you need us, we are there via email or text!

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